Kyle's Lemonade

100% of all proceeds to assist Canine Companions for Independence  


 "I think you are never too little

         to make a difference"

Kyle's Lemonade
PO Box 307
Northport, NY 11768



Register for your CHAMPION CARD today!

We are delighted to announce that Canine Companions for Independence has once again

been selected as one of the charitable beneficiaries of Champions for Charity,

a benefit shopping program sponsored by Americana Manhasset.

Last year was the first time Canine Companions was selected as a beneficiary,

and special thanks to Kyle Orent and everyone that participated,

Canine Companions received $8,000 and was awarded Best Performing New Charity.

From Thursday, November 29th - Saturday, December 1st , you can shop at any

of the participating stores at Americana Manhasset andWheatleyPlazaand 25%

of the amount of your pre-tax purchases will be donated to Canine Companions for

Independence. Americana Manhasset and American Express Gift Cards are

eligible for a 10% donation when purchased during the three-day program.

To register, visit, call 516-627-2277, or stop by the

AmericanaManhasset Concierge Store. Your CHAMPION CARD is required to

allocate your donation and MUST be presented at the time of each purchase.

In addition, if you do not live in the area or cannot attend you can still participate

by contacting Americana Manhasset’s Personal Shopping Service

at no cost to you from November 29 – December 1.

They will also be happy to work with you to accommodate your corporate gift giving need.

For more information on this benefit, please call (516) 627-2277.



East Shore Partners took the challenge and is donating $1,000 

  to Canine Companions for Independence notated in  behalf of Kyle's Lemonade, matching the $1,000 dollars that Kyle donated to CCI from his Barnum Award.


  "In Support of Kyle and his continued charity efforts for Canine Companions."





  " I would like to thank East Shore Partners very much for  sponsoring my challenge" 




                  ***News flash*** 

                 **** BRAND NEW****

               Kyle’s Sponsor Challenge


I recently was awarded the Barnum Award for my charity work for Canine Companions for Independence . It was a great surprise.   I donated the check to Canine Companions to Independence .  It was for $1,000

I am always thinking of new ideas on how to help CCI.   I have had a few matching donors sometimes, so I thought I would make a challenge to see if I could find at least 5 sponsors to match my Award.  Look who was the first to take the challenge.  Now I am looking for 4 more!!! I will honor them on my Kyle’s Lemonade page.


Remember  that all donations  to Canine Companions for Independence are 100% deductible. 

You can contact Kyle’s Lemonade at  about the challenge.  

All donations are made to Canine Companions to Independence and thank you for noting in honor of Kyle’s Lemonade.  













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Turning Lemonade into Something Special


When it comes to giving, 11-year-old Kyle Orent is pretty exceptional.

He even auctioned off his own toys, according to Newsday, his local newspaper on Long Island in New York.

"I like helping people," he said, in an interview on New York City TV station WNYW.

Kyle has spent the past four years helping people.

It all started with a lemonade stand in front of his house in Northport, New York.

"When I was 7, I wanted a lemonade stand for my birthday," he told WNYW anchors Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto. "I started in front of my house. But then I started going to local soccer games and baseball games."

Kyle says he never charged for the lemonade.

He just asked for donations.

In the first year, he raised $20,000, his mother told Newsday.

And as of this month, he has raised $125,000, according to WNYW - although most of the donations now come from auctions, he says.

"I don't think I can really sell lemonade when I'm 11," he said, on WNYW's "Good Day New York" show.

According to Newsday, Kyle writes to celebrities and famous athletes and asks them to autograph dog collars.

Then he auctions off the autographed collars on the Internet.

The main beneficiary of Kyle's giving has been a group called "Canine Companions for Independence."

That's a group that trains dogs to help people with disabilities.

Why "Canine Companions for Independence?"

"Because I like animals and I like helping people," he told Scotto and Kelly.

Kyle recently got a "Local Heroes" award for his charitable work, according to Newsday.

But his work is far from finished.

He told the paper he wants to be a professional fundraiser when he grows up.

What's his next project?

"I'm trying to do something called 'Cooks That Care,'" he told WNYW. "I'm trying to get like local restaurants to donate a certain percentage of their earnings for like one day."

With Kyle's record so far, it's hard to imagine him not succeeding at this as well.

And as for the lemonade stand, Kyle's mom told reporters he hopes to recruit some younger kids to take it over.

After all, according to Kyle's own website, his motto is, "You are never too little to make a difference."


Kyle's Lemonade
PO Box 307
Northport, NY 11768